Purpose Driven!

There are so many people who have a vision and who are on the path to fulfilling their purpose but every once in a while though, there is that one who comes along and changes EVERYTHING. Maybe it’s their resolve; maybe it’s their definiteness of purpose or maybe it’s just the fire in their eyes that reflects their passion. Who knows? Whatever it is, it causes them to rise to the occasion of doing something of significance in this world and making their mark as a dynamic individual. Andrea Haynes is that one… the exception to the rule.


Empowered to Empower!

Previously serving as the Vice President for the United Nations Women’s Chapter in Houston, Tx, Andrea Haynes has dedicated her life to the empowerment of individuals around the world with a special focus on the problems and concerns of women and girls. Being a domestic violence survivor herself, she has also undergone the mission of bridging the gap between abusers and victims of domestic violence to bring healing and restoration of family units. Her foundation, Haynes Healing of Hearts Inc., has touched the lives of women and men across the country and continues to serve as a beacon of hope for those affected by family violence

Andrea is much more than a mother, a minister, a wife and multimillionaire business partner to the Global Ambassador Mr. Edwin Haynes. She is an individual with a goal of making this world better by her example, affecting the lives of others with her leadership and leaving a legacy on this earth of love and empowerment. Hearing her speak puts you in the mindset of a conqueror who with love and kindness has overcome many adversities emerging as an instrument of pure gold tried by fire. Those who know her personally describe encounters with Andrea as life changing, moving, essential and renewing but boast of her humble demeanor that captivates and attracts the masses.


Andrea Haynes is poised to redefine mentorship, reassemble the platform of leadership and take the world by surprise with her impactful viewpoints. She is eager to share, loves the art of listening and is a charismatic individual who is loving life. Brace yourself for impact and prepare to never be the same… you are about to encounter Andrea Haynes



I am driven to create awareness and equip individuals with custom strategies to overcome emotional and physical limitations that hinder their personal and professional lives.


I am married to business mogul, Edwin Haynes. I am the mother of two biological daughters, a bonus daughter, one grandson, and one grand-daughter.

I am a licensed and ordained Minister. I oversee a ministry in my hometown in Mississippi. I guess that’s where my love for people originated and my passion to see lives transformed.

I enjoy shopping. I am a very picky eater but I do enjoy a good hamburger and fries. I love music as well as quiet time.